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The Rock, Zanzibar

Relaxing on Zanzibar

At this point of the trip the brain shut down. It was beach life and way too much beer that was the deal from now on. And it started the night we arrived. The manager of the place that we were staying at asked if we liked to party. It was the end of Ramadan […]

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Main entrance to Mikumi National Park

Safari in Mikumi National Park

It was still fairly early morning when we managed to crawl out of the beds. Me and Henrik shared a room and we went down to the breakfast hall together. The rest of the gang were already there, eating the worst breakfast in history. Dry toast, jam, crappy coffee and some bananas, I barely ate […]

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Sunrise at camp 4

The top ascent

A new day dawns above the clouds. Yet another day of excellent weather and the sun had started to chase away the coldness of the night. Today’s goal was to get to camp 5, the last camp before the top ascent. The trek went over a moon like landscape created long ago by a volcanic […]

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First glimps of the peak

Climbing Kilimanjaro

Early morning, the Land Rovers had arrived to our hotel and a couple of porters were loading them up with the luggage. Lined up and ready to go we climbed into the jeeps and started the drive towards Kili, a drive that would take a couple of hours. After a pretty uneventful drive the massive […]

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First time in Africa

It all started out as a crazy idea of a couple of friends. Climb Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa reaching 5,895 m. A Facebook event was created and 8 brave souls signed up. A date was set and we now had a half year to plan and train, which we of course thought was plenty […]

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Flickering lights in Dar es Salaam

After the 14 hour long trip from Arusha to Dar es Salaam we just wanted to relax and have a bit too eat. We arrived at Safari Inn late in the evening, a scruffy looking hotel smooshed into an alley. It was booked shortly before the trip under the mantra ‘as cheap as possible’. And […]

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Arriving on Zanzibar

Zanzibar was the last stop on the trip with accommodation already pre booked since long. After our failed attempt to make the ferry the previous day, we once again returned to the utter chaos at the ferry terminal. Hasslers filled the small area in front of a big metal gate that separated the parking lot and […]

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Mikumi – The Photos

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The summit of Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro – The Photos

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