Flying in India

Flying in India


Flying in India – good to knows

Flying in India isn’t like any other places I’ve been so I decided to do this good to know list to make your experience smoother and without hassle. This information is both for flying domestically within India or flying out internationally. The process might also differ from airport to airport, e.g. you don’t need to xray your luggage at the airport in Bengaluru.

  • First of all, have your ticket and passport ready before entering the terminal. You need to show these documents to a police officer before you even can enter the building. Easiest are if you have your ticket printed out, but I haven’t had a problem just showing it on my phone. So if you don’t have a local SIM-card make sure to have downloaded the mail/pdf before leaving your hotel.
  • At most airports you need to xray your luggage that you plan to check in before heading to the check in counter. Go to the xray machine that has a sign for the airline you will be going with. You will get a security sticker on your luggage, at some airports they’ll also stripe your zippers together as well. You only need to xray the luggage you check in, so not your carry on.
  • After the xray head directly to the check in counter (personnel might be chasing after you otherwise). From time to time they will ask you for your ticket, so again easiest if you print it but showing it on your phone works as well. Some times passport is enough. They often ask for the credit card that the flight was purchased on as well. Make sure to have this available.
  • Important!: Make sure to get baggage tags at the check in counter, one tag for each of your bags you plan to take as a carry on. So if you have a purse and a backpack, you need one for both of them. These tags will be stamped at the security check and they will be checked when you board the plane by a police officer so don’t lose them.
  • Next head to the security check, all of them differs on what electronics needs to be taken out of the bag. Some wants everything electronic out, for some is it enough with the laptop. You don’t need to take of your belt or watch, they always do manual checks anyway. Although preferably empty your pockets. Make sure to have your boarding pass on you when going through as the police officer will stamp it after he has completed the manual check. Ladies often have a separate line through the security check. Before leaving make sure your ticket is stamped twice and that all your baggage tags have been stamped as well.
  • That is pretty much everything you need to know, just don’t lose your bagage tags on your bags and you should be set to take off!


While I’m at it I’ll write some info for the different Indian airlines I used domestically and internationally.

  • Jet Airways(India) – A premium budget alternative, some times they even are the cheapest. You will get a small snack, sandwich or similar during the flight which is included in the price. The leg room is okay. One checked in bag included in the price.
  • IndiGo – Budget airline with clean and modern planes. No snacks included more than water. They have a cheap in flight menu however where you can buy sandwiches and other hot and cold foods. It’s cheaper to pre-book your food. The leg room is okay and one checked in bag is included unless you go with the cheapest ticket class.
  • SpiceJet – Budget airline, often the cheapest. No snacks included. But same as with IndiGo, they have a very similar menu available. Leg room is terrible, it was cramped even for my short 175cm. So if you are longer than 180cm go with SpiceMax, specially if the flight is over an hour. On one of the flights I was on the cabin crew didn’t have uniform uniforms and went around in private jeans, which I find very sloppy and unprofessional of the airline.

Hopefully this guide will have helped you to a better experience at the airports while flying in India.


Jonas lives in Singapore, always looking for a new adventure. Follow him around the world here on Drifter.

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