Around the world – the travel in numbers


So, I’m sitting in British Airways lounge in Vancouver and have plenty of time to kill before my flight. So I thought I’d try to summarise my travel in numbers:

  • 42 flights
  • 13 countries
  • 57058 miles or 91826 km (damn, almost 100kk) not including land and sea based traveling
  • 24 different airlines
  • ~35 hotels/bungalows/resorts (basically I had my own room)
  • ~28 hostels (feels like that number is a bit off)
  • 4.7 average number off nights per accommodation
  • 293 days away
  • 62 days – longest stay in one place, Sydney (although I took a weekend up to Sunshine Coast and Brisbane)
  • ~50 friends added to Facebook
  • 10 people visited in their home town
  • 2 people meet up with still on the road in another country
  • ? money spent (waaaaaay too much)

There are probably more stuff I could fit in here but can’t think of now. And might have missed something for the above numbers, but they should be fairly accurate.


Jonas lives in Singapore, always looking for a new adventure. Follow him around the world here on Drifter.

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