An adventure begins


When this is posted, I will be sitting in the airport, waiting. Waiting for a flight towards the beginning of a new life on the other side of the world. A lot of backpackers travel on a very tight budget, I will as well but I’m starting in style. I’m sitting in the SAS Lounge on Landvetter Airport and I’ll be flying Business Class the whole way to Singapore. For a simple reason actually, it has been on my bucket list for a while now, to fly with an Airbus A380. It’s the worlds largest passenger aircraft, a full double decker carrying over 500 passengers. You need to fly in business class to be able to fully experience the plane. The seats are located so you have your own little booth, there is a bar and lounge area on board as well, only available for BC and First and so on.

But first I’ll be flying to Copenhagen, and from there take a Dreamliner down to Dubai where I’ll board the A380 taking me to my final destination of Singapore. Seems like I have bad timing though, the annual forrest fires in Indonesia is currently roaring. Due to a very dry year, El Niño, the condition is worse than usual and a smoke haze is pouring in over Singapore and Malaysia. Hopefully the worst has already been and hopefully the wind has changed direction. The Singapore Grand Prix is this weekend, and that is also the reason why I’m starting my journey in Singapore. The organisers have said that there are no current plans to cancel the event, so lets hope for that.

It’s only 20 minutes left to lift off now, so I’ll have to end this post. Make sure to follow me on this blog as well as Instagram, and make sure to like and share with your friends. I’m working on getting a large follower base for future opportunities. An adventure begins.


Jonas lives in Singapore, always looking for a new adventure. Follow him around the world here on Drifter.

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  1. Comment by Kenzi Alexandre De Keyser

    Kenzi Alexandre De Keyser Reply 2015-11-12 at 01:41

    Traveling in Business Class must’ve been exciting! (expensive I assume, but exciting nevertheless)

    Good luck with your great adventure, I will be check out your stories.

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