September 2015


Singapore – A mini travel guide

Updated 2018-02-12 Overview Singapore is a small city state on the edge of the Malaysian peninsular, with the Johor Strait separating the two countries. The city state was founded back in 1819, and was under British rule up until the merger with Malaysia in 1963, a time period of 144 years. But due to political […]

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An adventure begins

When this is posted, I will be sitting in the airport, waiting. Waiting for a flight towards the beginning of a new life on the other side of the world. A lot of backpackers travel on a very tight budget, I will as well but I’m starting in style. I’m sitting in the SAS Lounge […]

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A state of homelessness

One of the last big things I had to do has now been done. The keys to my condo has been handed over to the new owner and a bittersweet feeling washed over me. It feels good to have that whole process behind me, but also a bit sad to leave the condo as I […]

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A week in New York City

NYC wasn’t our first choice, we actually wanted to go to Jordan but the flights didn’t line up as we wanted. So, New York it was. But can’t complain, New York is a fascinating city to visit and we managed to nail the weather. Arriving late in the evening, in pouring rain none the less, […]

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The Rock, Zanzibar

Relaxing on Zanzibar

At this point of the trip the brain shut down. It was beach life and way too much beer that was the deal from now on. And it started the night we arrived. The manager of the place that we were staying at asked if we liked to party. It was the end of Ramadan […]

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